Blood Bank Refrigerator

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The Blood Bank Refrigerator is a specialized refrigerating equipment for blood (whole blood) storage application.

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Stainless Steel Blood Bank Refrigerator (+4°C)


The Blood Bank Refrigerator is a specialized refrigerating equipment for blood (whole blood) storage application, which has been used in medical industries as well as cold storage of pharmaceuticals, biological products, vaccine, and so is suitable for hospitals, blood banks and sanitation and ant epidemic stations.

Control System:

-Microprocessor-based temperature controller. Temperature range 4±1°C, with temperature printer standard.

-Large screen LCD display of temperature, display accuracy of +/- 0.1°C.

-Automatic temperature control, Defrost automatic

-Audible and visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Door ajar alarm, system failure alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm.

-Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1 phase, can be changed as 220V 60HZ or 110V 50/60HZ


Structure Design:

-Upright type, Exterior made from painted steel plate, Inside is stainless steel.

-Four units Caster are mounted under the bottom

-Three-layer glass door with heater around to prevent ice leak, and lockable.

-Interior fluorescent light

-Inner is shelves (wire plastics). 3units for ABR-88L, 4units for ABR-268L, 5units for ABR-358L, 6units for ABR-588L.

-Temperature printer is standard, Optional chart recorder, blood storage basket.


Refrigeration System:

-Forced air circulation system

-International Famous compressor and Germany EBM fan motors

-The high-effective air-cooled condenser and the fin-type evaporator

-Refrigerant as R134a, CFC free

-Certificate: CE mark, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485



Model Capacity (L) External size


Interior size


Blood capacity Weight


ABR-88L 88 500*450*1515 402*343*663 450ml/bag*40-50/bags 90/100
ABR-268L 268 700*628*1662 512*518*973 450ml/bag*100-140/bags 160/170
ABR-358L 358 700*628*1962 512*515*1270 450ml/bag*180-220/bags 200/210
ABR-588L 588 800*760*1977 550*560*1260 450ml/bag*250-300/bags 230/240