BVF263 vein viewer

Portable vein finder easy to detect vein location convenient for vein injection BVF263 vein viewer



Product features

BFV-263 two kinds of imaging mode,one-click switching freely,Auto-sleep function.
Two kinds of imaging modes:blue & white,red & green,one-click switching freely;
Image performance optimization,adjustable brightness,high accurate;
Medical cold light,safe for your eyes;
Sleep function,more comfortable operation elegant design,easy to carry.

Product description

Vein finder is developed by Bestman Instrument independently. It is non-contact imaging device of subcutaneous vein and belongs to the internal power supply equipment. It uses the safety cold light, positioning the subcutaneous veins on the surface of patient’s skin. BVF-260 is easy to detect veins at the back of the hands through transmission of LED red light and it can assist medical staff to observe sub-cutaneous veins of hands and significantly improve the success rate of the injection It is suitable for hospitals, Clinics, homes as well as any other places to find the veins for injection.


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