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PLX118F Flat Panel Detector C-arm X-ray machine

1. Use Thales Dynamic Flat Panel Detector to get the image , size is 21cm*21cm , 22% bigger than normal C-arm image intensifier .
2. Image quality is improved largely ,Dynamic Range 16 bits , can show bone and meat clearly
Comparison : The left one is made by flat panel , you can see 17 parts , the right one is made by image intensifier , you only can see 14 parts clearly .So if do fluoroscopy on body , you can see more details about bone and meat , that will help doctors diagnose a lot
3. Inverter Frequency 110kHz , much bigger than noraml C-arm 40kHz or 60kHz , can ensure high quality X-ray .
4. Compare with image intensifier C-arm, PLX118F much lighter and smaller size than normal C-arm , more suitable for operate room .C-arm open is bigger than normal C-arm , provide more space for doctor operation .
5. Big advantage on mechanical movement , slip on orbit ≥±135°, normal C-arm only ±120° ,
Revolution around Vertical Axis : ±15° ,normal C-arm only ±12.5°
6. As No.1 C-arm manufacturer in China , we have special RCDPS software for Rapid Dynamic image processing and viewing . Pulse fluoroscopy intelligent frequency conversion technology can largely decrease X-ray dose and ensure the best image quality .
7. Three units 19″ 1M medical use LCD Monitor can ensure image details show .
8. Human graphic LCD touch screen with accurate APR parameters help operation more convenient


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