Obstetric kits



Obstetric kits are used for emergency deliveries. They contain a variety of items like:

Under pad 23” x 36”

Sterile Obstetric Pad

Sterile Bulb Aspirator

2 oz Umbilical Cord Clamps – 2 No.

2 Pairs of Sterile Latex Free Examination Gloves – Large

1No. Placenta Scalpel #22

1No. Receiving Blanket

3No Disposable Towels

4No. Sterile Gauze Sponges

1No. Disposable Apron

2No. Twist Ties

Apgar Scoring Chart

Basic Drugs – Paracetamol Tablets, Ibuprofen Tablets and Cotrimoxazole Tablets, Methylated Spirit, Gentian Violet


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