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Hospital medical furniture and equipment in Nigeria

Hospital medical furniture and equipment in Nigeria

Hospital furniture along with modern medical equipment have important role to play in health care. They not only help surgeons to perform the critical surgery with utmost safety of patient, but also make patients feel comfortable during their stay in hospital or the surgery/post-surgery as well. Fab Medicals Ltd brand hospital furniture are designed and


A few days ago, a group of friends at an exclusive members’ only Club in Lagoswere waiting for the start of a football match in the ongoing European Champions Clubs competition. Their discussion veered into the reported cancellation of several football marches in Italy over coronavirus fears. Jude: Old Boy, what if this coronavirus enters

lassa fever – an old curse stages a comeback

Origin of the Name Lassa Fever I am sure many Nigerians may not know the source of the name given to the viral hemorrhagic disease that goes by the name, Lassa Fever. The name is derived from the sleepy town in Borno State from where the first set of isolates were taken and discovered in

Corona virus – what you need to do to save your life

Corona virus – what you need to do to save your life The recent out break of corona virus in China has been described as a tragedy of epic proportions. It is worse than both SARS. This SARS is different from the popular Special Anti – Robbery Squad in Nigeria, which has been notorious for

Brain Tumor – Sypmtons and Causes

INTRODUCTION A woman whose psychosis was dismissed as bipolar disorder later discovered she has a tennis-ball sized tumor in her brain. Laura Skerritt, 22, from Templecombe in Somerset – began suffering migraines, sickness and psychosis in 2016. The swimming instructor went to her GP, who put the symptoms down to anxiety or depression. After being

Essilor AKR 400 Automatic Refractometer

Essilor AKR 400 Automatic refractometer is an alliance of smart design and performance, combines modern aesthetics and smart features to ensure easy and reliable measurements. Exclusive gun-type joystick ensuring fast measurements shooting and better grip feeling. Accuracy is one of the major factors behind building this machine. Essilor AKR 400 refractometer is one of the